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Heřmanův Městec
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The spirit of Rock 'n Roll is in the air, and has been given Martin Endl the strength of Little Richard, the flash of Jimi Hendrix, and the handsome looks of Keith Richards! After a sometime leave of absence due to illness, Martin has been able to participate on stage!
At first, he sang "Give Me an Answer" at the Rockover Fest in Hr

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2007-07-29 10:46:39
October 16th, 2006. The high quality version of our video "The Blues Never Stops" has been added to the website in the "Discography" section.

2007-07-29 10:46:09
October 10th, 2006. We are currently in a battle, a battle of the bands! If you like our music and would like to cast your vote for us go to the Ernie Ball "Battle of the Bands" website (http://www.battleofthebands.com/profile/thecell) and throw a vote our way. Thanks.

2007-07-29 10:45:32
October 1st, 2006. Newly added to our website is our video clip for "The Blues Never Stops". You can find it in the "Discography" section. For now, it is a lower quality version of the video. A higher bitrate version will be added soon.

2007-07-29 10:45:03
September 21st, 2006. We've added our band profile, as well as our video clip for "The Blues Never Stops", on the Myspace website. You can find it at www.myspace.com/ thecellsouthernband.

2007-07-29 10:44:30
September 15th, 2006. Our concert last night at Vrtbovska Garden in Prague was a big success. It was a special party for the mayor of Prague and we played unplugged. David had a few troubles getting to the concert and showed up at the very last minute, as we had just started to play the first song he ran up on stage to start singing. The guests at the party were fantastic and very happy with our performance. This was a very different crowd than we usually play for but was very satisfying for us as a group. When playing unplugged, you have to rely on the strength of your songs. Judging from the crowd response, our songs held up well. Whew! After the performance, we went to a bar just down the street where our keyboard player Tomas was having a concert (he plays in a duo with an Englishman named Justin). We hung out there a while and really enjoyed the performance! Tomas and Justin are fantastic players and had the whole bar grooving!

2007-07-29 10:44:01
September 8th. News from America: Three of our songs from our debut album "Are You Ready" are in the Top 100 most played songs on the online radio station www.allsouthernrock.com. "Dreams Inside My Head" is at #39, "Burnin' Like a Fire" at #40 and "Ready for a Ride" at #79.

2007-07-29 10:43:34
August 28th. We are very happy to announce that two songs from our new album are currently on rotation at three Czech radio stations. The largest radio rock station in the country "Radio Beat", which has a network of stations which cover many area's of the country, is playing "The Blues Never Stops" and "Ready for a Ride". The song "The Blues Never Stops" is being played at the pop radio station "Kiss", with it's network that covers the country, and a smaller radio station located in the eastern part of the country.

2007-07-29 10:42:57
August 20th. We had a break this summer while Michal (lead guitar) got married and everyone else took vacation but then we came back with a bang at the Rock Festival in David's (vocals/guitar) hometown of Mnichovice. It was a fantastic outdoor festival and this year was its debut. Thanks to all the people who supported the start of this annual festival and we hope to see you next year!


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